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The T word

The most annoying thing about owning more than two cars is that something always needs replacing. In this case my TX3, Skyline and RX-7 are all gonna be needing new tyres at some point in the near future.

so I headed on down to good old Hyper Tyres on Friday to see what they had available in terms of performance tyre stock (and no we’re not talking Nankangs). The guy behind the counter thankfully didn’t try to sell me a set of drift rims but we talked about the Toyo T1-R and Yoko C-Drive plus he did get me some useful info on Bridgestone’s RE-11 asymmetrical tyre. Apparently they’re so flash they don’t advertise them on the website because only serious buyers would think of inquiring about ’em…


being that the RE-11 is the replacement for the old RE-010R I consider them way too overkill for the TX3 and RX-7, but they sound like a nice fit for the Skyline which will hopefully be making around 250kW once it’s been put together. Good tyres were always part of the plan, I just hope the sizes I want (205/55R15 front and 225/50R15 rear) aren’t too expensive.

(the 195/50R15s I got a quote for were $229ea)