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Beware of the Asian tourist

So I’m a bit of a camera geek.

This is my old rig, an Olympus E-500 Four Thirds digital SLR. It served me well from 2005 right up until last week, when I finally sold it to a family member and upgraded to a new Olympus E-30 semi-pro body.

the old hotness (by decypher the code)

big lens, max zoom

After using the E-500 for so long it’s almost unnerving having to learn my way around the new E-30… sure it’s from the same manufacturer but comes with its own completely distinct set of quirks. Give me a couple of weeks and I should be used to the E-30 by then – but I’d really like to buy a 2nd hand E-500 body to keep around as backup, that’s how good it was.

The first serious field test with the E-30 will be next weekend at the Bright Road sprints.