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Living in a time machine

Housesitting over the long weekend is such a bore – really wish I’d made plans to go on holiday – but on the flip side, it’s given me an opportunity to finally sit down and write my first Battlemax entry. Hello, I’m Ed, and unlike Sean and the rest of the guys I live about 640km north of Wellington in a little town called Auckland (you might have heard of it before).

Anyway, having not been back to Wellington for 2 years now I haven’t actually had a chance to experience the concept that is “Slipway”, although I’ve seen a lot of video footage and photos of various events that take place there. now if only Auckland had something similar, but we are getting our own racetrack within one hour’s drive of the city centre next year, and Meremere also hosts regular “munji” events for the casual drifters – though I’m not really into the whole drift thing; more of a circuit racer/touge/autocross person myself.

Here’s what I drive on weekdays:

1987 Toyota MR2 super charger

and this is what I drive on weekends:

1983 Nissan Skyline RS-X

here is what I thrash around the racetrack every couple of months:

1986 Ford Laser TX3 FWD

and this is the money pit I’ve spent the last seven years shoveling cash into (it’s close, but not quite finished yet):

1985 Ford Laser TX3 4WD

What can I say, I like my ’80s cars… in addition to the above I also have two other projects waiting in the wings: one is a near-stock 1985 Mazda Savanna RX-7 which is to be turned into a grandad/period-’80s-spec cruiser, and the other is a 1983 Skyline RS-X sedan that is in dire need of big horsepower (coupe and sedan, yin and yang, blah blah blah).

I also have a gig writing for a blog called retro-classics, which (as the name suggests) is primarily focused on cars 1989 and older. So you can pretty much assume that anything I write which falls outside the scope of RC will probably end up here, or even crossposted to…

so yeah, that’s my introductory spiel over and done with – stay tuned for moar!