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Race day!

Think I need to work on the suspension setup!

And more power…




C73A Mirage racecar!

Piloted by none other than… myself. (As if the shades didn’t give it away)

It ain't pretty, but it's got it where it counts

Even with my relatively conservative (read: noob) lines I still managed to punt said racecar to a 1:56 PB around Track 1 at Taupo with the new ‘slow’ turn 12, which trumps my previous record in my own FWD TX3 by a whole twelve seconds. I can only imagine what sort of laptimes a more experienced/ballsy driver could be capable of doing in that thing.

the Mirage is running a mildly tickled Dirk-spec 4G63 out of a VR-4 and tricky diffs front and rear (yup it’s 4WD). There has been talk of re-tuning the car to run 20psi of boost; now we’re getting serious.

Thanks to Logan/Gorgasm for the photo, and to the guys from Rogue Racing for the chance to blaze around Taupo in this 🙂 Makes me want to hurry up and finish the FWD TX3 track car I’ve been plodding away with for the last couple of years.

Autocross time again!

I missed the 2nd round of the Slipway Autocross series, so decided to enter this one.
I was feeling a bit lazy, so I ended up entering the Chaser!
Below are some pictures of the event.
I ended up placing 16th overall and 6th in my class out of 50+. Not too bad I guess.
The Chaser really needs sway bars, some bucket seats and the diff looked at, it’s getting a bit lazy!
I think there might be some videos eventually as well, so stay tuned…

2010 Rally of NZ

had a chance to scope out Rally NZ on the weekend. Cheaped out this year and didn’t go to any of the paying stages – but the Domain super special stage was a good enough approximation, albeit rather dark…

this Olympus E-30 continues to impress with its ability to perform reasonably well even in crap low light conditions. And don’t get me started on the merits of the “trashy” 40-150mm kit lens that came with my old E-500.

check out the flickr collection here:

otherwise there’s a selection of photos for quick perusal after the jump!

Rally NZ - 9th May (by decypher the code)

Rally NZ 2010 winner: Jari-Matti Latvala, Ford Focus WRC

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Dusting off the cobwebs

Well I haven’t done anything with the Silvia recently, so I cleaned it to get it ready for the first round of the Slipway Autocross Series.
Hmm, I swear 4 wheels used to fit in the car…
Who needs a passenger seat anyway…

It is pretty hard to fit 4 17×9 wheels when the boot is made redundant with the battery bam smack in the middle of it!

Autocross results

Results from the weekend : Pete (CJ4a) 10th. Sean (EP3) 12th.

Winner was a red corolla with soft compound DZ03G semis and a cage. Next was a blue subaru STi. 8 out of the top 10 cars were on semis. You can hear the tyre squeal from each of us in the vid – I for one will be taking semis next time for sure!

I had a moment on the weekend, popped the bonnet to check on the engine after feeling like something wasn’t quite right – sure enough, the power steering belt was hanging off by two ribs and was tighter than tight. Re-fitted it, then noticed the crank pulley is ever so slightly out of balance. Had no further issues for the rest of the day, but I’m not sure which problem has caused which. The pulley has a rubber part in it which is worn, causing the out of balance, so am looking into a lightweight option… if I can find one…