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Track day prep

Almost there, will have some photos of the way the car looks soon.



Still here lol, Chaser is off to the shop to fit the suspension arms as I couldnt get the seized factory ones off…


As for the ae86 new brakes etc being fitted and I now have a donor engine to pull some important parts off hmmmmm !

What have we got here?

Well I’m trying to keep this blog updated!

What’s this? A package from Japan?

Mmm, we have Clear World smoked indicators and a Juran Drift button (finally…!)

Also… the Kazama rear arm set

And just casually, Cusco Front upper arm

So it’s about time I finally put some of this stuff together on the car. I also bought a Exedy Hyper Single Clutch but it’s still in transit…

I still also have to get my Ikeya Formula Front Castor arms but they’re out of stock!

Oh hi!

So the Chaser is sitting pretty much unloved and dusty…

So I decided to give it an oil change:

New must mean good right!?

Tomei ARMS M8280

So, if anyone else has their eye on one of these, maybe this video will help.

It’s definitely on the “To Buy” list for me, but suspension first and I’ll go from there…