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Track day prep

Almost there, will have some photos of the way the car looks soon.


Drifting in Japan?

While scouring some internet blogs like usual, I found this in particular

Apparently Powervehicles over in Japan are running Ebisu Drift Tours where you can go and drift one of their cars for a day etc.
There’s also a drift school with Team Orange!

Obviously, I’m dead set keen and will probably do this when I eventually have a holiday over in Japan.

Who’s keen? 🙂

Its raining!

It’s been rather wet recently here, so I took the Chaser up to Slipway to see how the new goodies have improved the car.

You can hear the exhaust now with the new dump pipe and the coilovers seem to be OK as well. Tad soft though!
Still having a few issues with axle tramp and other worn out bushes in the rear end.

I promise more videos in the future! Might have to buy my own video camera…

Weekend drift!

Had quite a nice day drifting in the rain on Sunday up at Slipway.
One of the few days where you can turn up, have a go and drive back on the same tires.
Only problem was the rain really made it difficult to figure out what the car was going to do once you hit the puddles. Had a blast anyway! Some pictures for you. Ben aka Mr Slipway has some more but I will upload these at a later stage.