Hey everyone, not as if anyone reads this anymore, but been real busy sorting out house stuff and such!
So hopefully everything will be organised in the next month or so and I can start posting again.

SO, whats new?

Silvia is gone :\ But I don’t miss it too much.
Chaser is getting a complete over haul.
Several things on the agenda including all new suspension parts (hopefully on the way soon), exhaust, bodykit, wheels and various other special things.
IT will be a completely new car!

So maybe I’ve still got some followers and I’ll see you soon I guess!

Perhaps I need to get another car in the time being to update the blog with hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

And heres a picture of possible things to come? Maybe?

PS. SORRY to the guy who left a message on the blog while he was in Wellington wanting to meet up and check out the Chaser! The next time you’re here, let me know!


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