A bit of DIY…

Hey guys, no one probably follows this blog anymore because I’m useless at updating…
I haven’t done much in the past few months as I’m waiting for my Silvia to sell so I can buy a few more things for the Chaser.
This hasn’t stopped me from ordering a couple goodies, which are on their way as I speak!
Anyway, I removed the ETCS flap from the throttle body. For those who don’t know, this flap controls the traction control etc. Even with the TRC off, it still interferes and stops you from having a ‘good time’.
I’ve had the flap mechanism disconnected since I got the car and it’s done well, but I decided to complete remove the flap and leave the mechanism connected so no error lights would come up (yes I’m lazy to remove the flashing light bulbs in the dash)
That way, I’ll just push the TRC off button when I go drifting or whatever.
Pics below:

So there it is. Just a word of advice for the people who attempt to do this. Drill the screws out of the flap COMPLETELY. The flap isn’t attached by the screws, but the screws stop the flap from sliding out. You have to pull the flap out sideways.
Also remember to clean ya throttle body out thoroughly afterwards!


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