New decade, new phone

I never thought I’d see the day, perhaps slightly enigmatic being someone who loves his ’80s gadgets, but I finally updated myself into the 21st century and joined the legions of people now rocking smartphones, and a flash HTC one at that. It’s not immediately apparent from the photo but being the Desire Z it has a fold out QWERTY keyboard for sweet thumb typing action, ‘pure’ touchscreens creep me out!

HTC Desire Z

Being able to use interwebs-related stuff like twitter without having to open my laptop is proving more convenient than I initially thought, but I don’t see myself abandoning the PC anytime soon. Amusingly the phone app that’s gotten the most usage out of me so far has been the ebook reader (Aldiko). It’s even on my home screen for quick access, hah.

Better not lose/break/pour water on this one I think.


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