The Chaser, one year on

Almost exactly one year after Sean bought the JZX100 I once again find myself 600km from home, in Wellington on another overcast and stupidly windy day, struggling to grab some photos of the aforementioned vehicle in a random carpark. (yeah, I’m from Auckland, so I have to complain about the wind every time I come down)


The feelings of deja vu end there I suppose, because the Chaser now looks rather different compared to when I first photographed it at the start of 2010. Can you spot the changes?

Hint one: Wheels!

This was also a good opportunity to give my Zuiko Digital 50-200 ED ‘pro-grade’ lens a proper outing, and suffice to say, it delivered great results (to the point where it may get a lot more use this year, but still a bit of a pig to lug around, being all huge and heavy and expensive!)

Hint two: Tail lamps.

You can find the rest of the Chaser photos here.

Finally, a bonus shot from the last day of my North Island roadtrip, parked up at a little-travelled surf beach in south Taranaki the day after leaving Wellington.

Summer roadtripping!


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