Service time!

After the long trip, decided to fully service the car.
Here we are with my usual Castrol Edge 5w30 with Ryco Oil filter, Valvoline Duragear 75w90 and TRD FR LSD oil.
I also use Proma MBL8 in the engine and gearbox.
After jacking up the car, I noticed this, a picture of times to come?
Hmmm won’t be long now 😛
I mistakenly drained the gearbox without checking how to fill it back up again…
After a struggle for a few hours and realising that my remote shift R154 can’t be filled from the shifter hole, I had to remove the gearbox cross member to fill the gearbox by gravity feed and a garden hose IN the dark. Let’s just say I won’t be doing that again…
Still didn’t manage to change the fluid in the LSD, but I’ll do it soon!


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