OS Nats, on Film!

Was down Taupo way over the weekend (what is it with that place? haha) catching up with Tom, and some friends from the oldschool.co.nz car club happened to be in town as well for the annual National meet, so I stuck around for some of the festivities.

Today I developed the roll of film that I took on Saturday at the Nats poker run and cruise. Can’t get much more oldschool than 35mm, yo!

OS Nats 2010 film negs (by decypher the code)

excuse the scanned quality...

Unfortunately I need a proper scanner – the hp multifunction I got for Xmas doesn’t do a very good job at scanning negatives, even after converting to black and white and a bit of touching up in the GIMP. But it’s nice to know my 1981 Olympus Trip 35 camera is still going strong.

In the meantime the most elegant solution will be to convert the negs straight to digital, or at the very least have some prints made.


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