Favourite driving songs?

Inspired by a recent post on a forum I lurk on: what are your favourite driving songs?

I’d personally be hard pressed to name mine as there are so many, but if there was one album I seem to find myself listening to over and over again, it would be Damnation by Opeth. This merry little record has kept me company on many late-night missions back to Auckland from places like Hamilton and further afield.

And it’s not even particularly ‘pulse-pumping’ music. Instead it’s ultra chilled out, melancholy prog-rock dripping with gothic influences. Take this track for instance, which happens to be my favourite off the album:

heck, it’s not even a particularly cheerful song if you pay attention to the lyrics, but the music and overall ambience seems just perfect for when you’re travelling lonely stretches of state highway in the dead of night.


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