Trippy and Richard

one of my other hobbies is collecting and using old cameras (you know, the ones that take film!)

today I dusted off two of my vintage Olympuses (Olympi?) and grabbed a couple of quick shots with the dSLR. The one on the left is a 1971 Olympus Trip 35, one of their most ubiquitous point-and-shoots (I own three of them, which goes to show how common they are) and the one on the right is a 1975 Olympus 35 RC, which is a ‘compact’ rangefinder.

trippy and richard (wide) (by decypher the code)

trippy and richard

why is the 35 RC called Richard? Because that’s the nickname it was given during development back in the late ’60s 🙂

a friend of mine recently did some experimentation with her broken Trip, and managed to get some interesting arty results even if the shots didn’t quite come out as anticipated. Film is definitely not dead, folks!


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