Worked on the coupe for 3 hours today…

…and all I got was this lousy sticker!


only kidding, haha. With the annual Auckland classic Jap meet taking place this coming Saturday I decided to roll the Skyline out of its dark corner and freshen it up a little. Yeah I know it’s only Thursday, but I’m going out tomorrow night, so I didn’t really have much of a choice.

so on went the Nissan Prince dealer sticker for a bit of “authenticity” – followed by a interior vacuum, exterior wash and then a polish with Meguiars NXT. The last time I polished the car was over a year ago and I’d forgotten how effective that stuff actually was! (though I guess at $40 a bottle you would expect so)

anyway with all that sorted the car’s back under its cover again, Saturday morning I’ll roll it back out for a quick rinse and detail then it’s off to Manukau for the meet. Last year’s was massive so this year’s turnout should hopefully be as big if not bigger.

On a slightly different note, yes I did drive a certain Chaser to Wellington on the weekend 😀

must say I was quite impressed with the car overall, and I’m currently in the middle of writing a little “review” of its merits. In the meantime here’s the complete album of photos I took of the car on Sunday: flickr album

I’m quite impressed with the results – was shooting in gale-force winds, with a manual-focus lens, and the lighting/weather was a bit questionable. I guess that’s Welly for ya…

Chaser - silly HDR/overdone fx experiment (by decypher the code)

Chaser - silly HDR/overdone fx experiment


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