Demo derby Corolla

It’s almost been a year since the last demo derby, mostly due to rain postponements and a shortage of cheap (and not completely broken) cars.

But have no fear, managed to pick up a dereg-ed EE90 Toyota Corolla over the Xmas break.  1300cc of carby fed, automatic, power!  Well not really.  Rolled it off the trailer and attempted to do a burnout, but all it could muster was 1500rpm of pinking.

Even came with a cool green sticker from the NZ Police.

So as what usually happens – we got bored and started to strip the car down to the bare essentials.  Japanese cars are just so easy to get battle ready!  Couple of sockets, couple of screwdrivers, an air-ratchet and two hours later you’re good to go.  We’ve sworn off European cars, they’re just too weird and complex to pull apart.  Bad experiences with a Mondeo last time sealed it.

About the only parts that gave us grief were one bolt on the exhaust (angle-grinder solved that) and the tongue on the towbar (again the angle-grinder came to the rescue).   The exhaust doesn’t have to be removed, but we do it so a – it can’t be bent in a crash and damage anything / get blocked, and b – it makes it sound cooler!  Although most of the time on the track you can’t even hear the car that you’re in.

The towbar however, there are rules saying it has to be removed.  Most of the time though, that rule seems to be grayed to where just the tongue of it is hacked off.  So that’s what we do 🙂  We always practice full safety precautions when carrying out this task.


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