Service time!

Gotta love the long weekends… gives me time to maintain my cars.

Decided it was time to change the diff fluid for my Nismo 2-way.
Here’s my car on axle stands with emergency wheels under just in case ๐Ÿ˜›

And here is the Castrol LSX90 oil for rear diffs and the very handy grease gun.
note: I really wanted to use Nismo LSD oil but no shops were open… this will have to do!

And…. while I was in the swing of things, decided to change the engine oil too.
The oil I use? Castrol Edge 5w30
Oil filter? HAMP, available from any Honda dealer ๐Ÿ˜›
(Guess I’m still a Honda owner at heart…)

I really wanted to change the gearbox oil too but I couldn’t find the oil I usually use, which is Redline Shockproof Light.. til next time!

The diff seems to be OK with the Castrol oil.. I’m really unsure how much noise a Nismo 2-way is supposed to make but it doesn’t really matter anyway.

And… while I’m at it… Happy New Year!


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