It lives again

Got a call saying HONDUH’s engine was back together, just as the person who helped me remove it flew to the South Island.  Damn, hope I can remember where everything went!

Turns out (with the help of a couple of ringins … and bourbon for fuel) it was one of the cleanest and simple bolt-back-ins we’d done.  Sean helped with the clutch torquing, then I managed to get the gearbox on and the engine bolted to two mounts by myself before reinforcements arrived.  Thanks to my old man, Adam and Andrew it was ready to do a maiden trip down to grab Fish and Chips for dinner.

HONDUH no bonnet

OK, missing a bonnet, H-brace, and strut brace, but they aren’t essential 😉  We only managed to miss sliding up one hose clamp and the earth straps for the first turnover attempt.  Oh and don’t let slightly inebriated people fill your oil.  Somehow an extra 3 litres managed to sneak it’s way in haha.  But then he did redeem himself by getting the timing spot on by ear.

Engine hasn’t missed a beat since, now to book in for a tune and dial up a bit more power.

Thanks again to all those who helped out.


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