Autocross results

Results from the weekend : Pete (CJ4a) 10th. Sean (EP3) 12th.

Winner was a red corolla with soft compound DZ03G semis and a cage. Next was a blue subaru STi. 8 out of the top 10 cars were on semis. You can hear the tyre squeal from each of us in the vid – I for one will be taking semis next time for sure!

I had a moment on the weekend, popped the bonnet to check on the engine after feeling like something wasn’t quite right – sure enough, the power steering belt was hanging off by two ribs and was tighter than tight. Re-fitted it, then noticed the crank pulley is ever so slightly out of balance. Had no further issues for the rest of the day, but I’m not sure which problem has caused which. The pulley has a rubber part in it which is worn, causing the out of balance, so am looking into a lightweight option… if I can find one…


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